Wargames Factory - Dark Futures - Apocalypse Survivors: The Men

Model A: Jack the Cop
Body A
Head A
Arms (Image) A3 and A4
Arms (Variant 2) A1 and A2
Equipment Holster

Model B: Father Jason the Priest
Body B
Head B (left)
Arms (Image) B1 and B2
Arms (Variant 2)  B3 and B5

Model C: Billy the Kid
Body C
Head C
Arms (Image) C1 and C2
Arms (Variant 2)  C4 and C3

Model D: Mick the Tourist
Body D
Head I
Arms (Image) D1 and D2
Arms (Variant 2)  D3 and D4

Model E: John the Mechanic
Body E
Head E
Arms (Image) E1 and E2
Arms (Variant 2)  E3 and E4

Model F: Bobby the Employer
Body F
Head F
Arms (Image) F1 and F2
Arms (Variant 2)  F3 and F4

Model G: Claus the Holidaymakers
Body G (right)
Head G
Arms (Image) G1 and G2
Arms (Variant 2) F1/F3 and F2/F4

Model H: Will the Hunter
Body H
Head H
Arms (Image) I3, I3 and I4
Arms (Variant 2)  H1 and H2

Model I: Bruce the Hero
Body I
Head D
Arms (Image) I5 and I2
Arms (Variant 2)  I1 and I4/I6

Model J: Mr. Smith the Agent
Body J
Head B (right)
Arms (Image) J1 and J2
Arms (Variant 2) J3 and J4

With just one box, you've all realistic options!!!
Free Heads A2 (Police), J (Agent or Father), 2x Baseball Caps and G (left) for a other Holidaymaker